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We have experienced drivers who are experts in the sightseeing spots of Hokkaido.
As you well know, Hokkaido is the northernmost area of Japan. We at Toyoura Hire will provide support for all of your travels to Sapporo, Otaru and Southward.
If this is your first visit to Hokkaido, Japan, we recommend this site to get basic information.
We look forward to having the opportunity to guide you in Hokkaido and thank you in advance for your special attention.
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The four seasons of South Hokkaido
(The Lake Toya starting point)





Hokkaido Sightseeing Spots

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Showa Shinzan(Mt.Showa) Bear Ranch

Address : 183, Showa Shinzan, Sobetsu Town, Usu, Hokkaido
Hours of Opening : 8:30 am - 4:30 pm(NOV-APR) or 5:00 pm(MAY-OCT)
Admission Fee : (Adult) JPY 800.-/(Child 6-12yo) JPY 500.-

There are a hundred of brown bears in the ranch. Visitors can buy "apples" and "cookies" to feed them.
Some of them are so tame, they will eat from your hand and after provide you with charming gestures of appreciation. This is a family-oriented sightseeing spot.

Niseko Shinsen Marsh

Tourist season : The Season of New Green Leaves and Colored Leaves (June to October)

"SHINSEN NUMA" is famous for the most beautiful marsh and very popular among the tourists because this has an air of mystery in Niseko Area.
Tourists can walk along a natural trail and view seasonal alpine plants.

Nature Experience Spots

Strawberry Picking in Toyoura

Area : Toyoura Town, Abuta District, Hokkaido
Tourist Season : Middle June to Middle July
Admission Fee : (Adult) JPY 800.- / (Child : 3-12yo) JPY 600.-

The recommended strawberry farm in our Toyoura Town grows strawberry for this "picking strawberry".
You can taste the "just picked" freshness and delicate sweetness compared to the average strawberries on sale.

If Toyoura Strawberry appeals to you, we will introduce some street vendors of strawberry as below.
We hope you bring them for the GIFT and enjoy the taste in your hotel.

Cherry Picking in Sobetsu

 Area : Sobetsu Town, Usu District, Hokkaido
Tourist Season : Early July to Early August
Admission Fee : (Adult) JPY 1,050.- / (Child : Under 12yo) JPY 840.-

This cherry farm offers not only "Cherry Picking Service" but has Gift packs available for sale of the top breed "SATO-NISHIKI (Red Colored Cherry) and the rare "GASSAN-NISHIKI" (Yellow Colored Cherry) in the same place.

Water Ball Activity in the sea of Toyoura Town

Canoe in the sea of Toyoura Town

Gourmet Spots

HACCHAN - Japanese-style Pub (Izakaya)

Address : 11 Saiwai-Cho, TOYOURA TOWN
Biz Hour : 11:00-14:00,17:30-23:00 / Holiday : Sunday

Recommended Menu
* Lunch Set ("Doube De Toyoura") : JPY 800.-
* HIRAME[Sole], TSUBUGAI & HOKKIGAI[Shellfish] : JPY 2,000.-
* HOTATE[Scallop] & TAKO[Octopus] : JPY 1,000.-
* KAREI NO KARAAGE(Fried Flatfish) : JPY 600.-
* HOTATE BUTTERYAKI(Grilled Scallop with butter sauce) : JPY 400.-
* TSUBUGAI SHOYUYAKI(Grilled Shellfish with soy sauce) : JPY 600.-

SUSHI RYU (Sushi Bar)

Address : 144 Lake Toya Onsen, TOYA TOWN
Biz Hour : 17:00-21:30 / Holiday : Wednesday

Recommended Menu
* Nigiri Sushi Samplers "Super(TOKUJYO)" : JPY 2,000.-
* Nigiri Sushi Samplers "Special(JYO)" : JPY 1,500.-

Restaurant & Flower KARZZ - Thai & Western Dishes

Address : 78-19 Lake Toya Onsen, TOYA TOWN
Biz Hour : 11:30-14:30, 18:00-24:00 / Holiday : Thursday & 3rd Wednesday

Recommended Menu
* Lunch Set(4kinds of dishes at 1 plate with rice) : JPY 1,000.-
* Spring Rolls : JPY 650.-
* Tom Yam Khoon Soup : JPY 600.-


Address : 8 Tsukiura, TOYA TOWN
Biz Hour : 11:00-20:00(L.O:19:30) / Holiday : -

Recommended Menu
* Toya Beef Sirloin Steak(200g) : JPY 2,500.-
* Red Pork(Whey/Kogane Pork in Date, Hokkaido) Steak : JPY 1,575.-

RAMEN DEMEKIN - Chinese Dishes (Ramen House)

Address : 40 Lake Toya Onsen, TOYA TOWN
Biz Hour : 11:00 to 14:00 / Holiday : Tuesday

Recommended Menu
* Fried Rice : JPY 750.-
* Miso Ramen(*) with barbecued pork : JPY 800.-

Hot Springs - Hotel

Toya Sansui Hotel Kafu

78, Lake Toya Onsen, TOYA TOWN / Biz Hour : 14:00-19:00(Available until 20:00)
Onsen Price List : JPY 1,000.- (including bath towel)

If you are familiar with an Onsen in Hokkaido, we can recommend other onsen spots as well.

Hokkaido Festival

Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival("HYOTO MATSURI") at Lake Shikotsu

This annual winter event is held at the end of January to the middle of February in Lake Shikotsu Onsen Town. The water of Lake Shikotsu is very transparent and various ice sculptures are constructed. During daylight, the ice sculptures appear light blue in harmony with the surrounding scenery.
During nighttime (16;00-22:00), you can enjoy the view of illuminated ice sculptures and fireworks. Adults and children will enjoy the fantastic scenery thoughout this event. Temperature: (Daytime) -5 to +5 degrees C.(Nighttime) approximately –10 degrees C. This event is held in the winter seaon only. Please dress appropriately, we recommend wearing a Ski apparel, muffler and gloves.
If you have a plan to visit Hokkaido in February, we will arrange "your sightseeing taxi plan from Sapporo" including this event.
Contact to : [javascript protected email address]

Lake Toya Onsen Illumination Tunnel at Lake Toya Onsen

Lake Toya Onsen Illumination Street at Lake Toya Onsen

Around 12,000 electrical spectaculars are lightning on the Lantern("Chochin") Street next to "Toya Park Hotel Tensho" during above period of Lake Toya Illumination Street. And around 400,000 lamps offers fantasitc world of lights in Nigiwai Place("Nigiwai Hiroba") during above period of Lake Toya Illumination Tunnel. The event shows fire works and offers food stall & playing park of snow tube.
If you have a plan to visit Hokkaido in February, we will arrange "your sightseeing taxi plan from Lake Toya" including this event.
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Hakodate Winter Festival at Hakodate

This annual event is held in Hakodate city from December to February. Cosmopolitan Hakodate city and hillside are illuminated by around 50,000 lights.
If you plan to visit Hakodate, we recommend you enjoy this wonderful view this winter.

Sapporo White Illumination at Sapporo

This event is held prior to the "Sapporo Snow Festival" and is well established as a "seasonal tradition" to mark the beginning of Winter Season in Sapporo. The number of electrical spectaculars is increasing year by year and it reached 450,000 lamps in 2009. Illumination has a soft, warm glow in snowy world. We recommend you to come in Sapporo, Hokkaido in this winter.

Sapporo Snow Festival at Sapporo

This event is one of the most famous winter festival which is held in Sapporo. The number of visitors from not only Japanese tourists but also tourists from abroad are increasing year by year. Hundreds of snow and ice scluptures which was made by volunteers and Japan Self-Defense Froces are displayed. After sunset until 22:00, you can enjoy night viewing of illuminated ice scluptures. This event is held in winter season. Please wear appropriate clothing. We recommend ski wear type clothing, including a muffler and gloves.
If you have a plan to visit Hokkaido in February, we will arrange "your sightseeing taxi plan from Sapporo" including this event.
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